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June 7, 2013
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Are you that type of a person who hardly finds earrings that appeal to your unique sense of fashion? The type that will to a museum for some unique pieces? Then you came to the right place, our earrings are made especially for you.

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What makes these earings unique

We engage you

We listen to all your styling need and craft your earrings to your very own specifications.


Our earrings are quirky and will make you stand-out in a crowd.


Every single thing that’s happening here is absolute perfection. we are passion about our  crafts thus our pieces crafted to straight from our heart, to you.


Our Accessories are made to be affordable and at a reasonable turnaround time.

Product Description

Handmade Fabric Earrings, crafted with fine Quality material. Dangling, hoop,studs,tussles and many more,  we make it all just for you

Smart ways to keep your Earrings clean.

Buying earrings is fun, keeping them clean is not?  with ours it is, since our earrings are mostly made of fabric they are easy to wash and put to dry without any hassle.

Washing instructions: in a tub pour water and washing powder making show the washing powder is all dissolve, soak your earrings for not more than a minute and rub off the dirt, now rinse off with clean water and put under a shade to dry.


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